Bandon Library Friends and Foundation, Inc.


The Bandon Library Art Gallery provides a venue for local artists to display their work, which can be viewed daily by visitors to both the Library and the Sprague Community Room. In the lobby are:

  • Two large glass-door cabinets with removable glass shelves, suitable for sculpture, jewelry, and works in media not suited for hanging, measuring 53” wide x 58” high x 26” deep; and
  • A hallway featuring two 20-foot long walls with load-bearing hangers for numerous paintings, photographs, and other wall art.

While we usually feature two different artists on the walls and in the cabinets, artists with large bodies of work may use both spaces, if available. The Gallery may also solicit group shows; individual pieces may be submitted to these. Receptions for the artists may be held in the Sprague Room next to the Gallery, at no cost.

For more information and to learn how to submit your work for consideration in the Gallery, please contact Tracy Hodson of the Library Art Gallery Committee at:  Click here to view information about the current show.

(Library Art Gallery - Right (west) wall - 22 ft.)

(Library Art Gallery - Left wall - 18 ft.)

(Library Art Gallery - Cases)