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Jan 11
Sean Connery, Gert Frobe. Director Guy Hamilton.
MGM/UA, color, 121 min., 1964.
Investigating a gold magnate's smuggling, James Bond uncovers a plot to contaminate the Fort Knox gold reserve.

Feb 8
The Party
Peter Sellers, Claudine Longet. Director Blake Edwards.
MGM, color, 98 min., 1968.
Peter Sellers plays a bumbling foreigner in this cult-favorite comedy. An accident-prone actor from India has come to California, hoping to make a name for himself in Hollywood movies. Clutterbuck jots down Bakshi's name to remind himself to have the actor blacklisted, but he doesn't realize that he's put the name on the guest list for an upcoming party at his home.

March 14
On Borrowed Time
Sir Cedric Hardwicke. Director Harold S. Bucquet.
Warner Bros., b/w, 99 min., 1939.
Gramps is not about to go quietly when Mr. Brink, (the Grim Reaper), comes calling. Gramps chases Brink up a tree, rendering the stranger helpless. As a result, no one dies throughout the world until Mr. Brinks is released. Thoughtful with many funny moments.

April 11
Young and Innocent
Derrick De Marney, Nova Pilbeam. Director Alfred Hitchcock.
MGM, b/w, 84 min, 1937.
A fugitive from the law is helped by a young country girl. The actual villain, whose identity is never a mystery is played by George Curzon, suffering from a twitching eye. Curzon's revelation during a nightclub sequence is a Hitchcockian tour de force. In 1937 this took a great deal of time, patience and talent to pull off.

May 9
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
Barbara Streisand, Yves Montand, Jack Nicholson. Director Vincente Minnelli.
Paramont, color, 129 min., 1970.
Daisy Gamble with psychic abilities grows flowers instantly, wants to quit smoking to please her finacee. She goes to a hypnotist to do it. Her doctor finds out that she can regress into past lives and different personalities. He falls in love with one of them.

June 13
Rooster Cogburn
John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn. Director Stuart Millar,
Universal, color, 107 min., 1975.
Rooster Cogburn has been stripped of his badge after some questionable behavior with his gun, but he's given the chance to earn it back after an especially appalling crime demands an experienced lawman. Cogburn is given the task of tracking down the criminals, but he's less than enthusiastic about the fact Eula Goodnight insists on tagging along.

July 11
The Last Butterfly
Tom Courtenay, Brigitte Fossey. Director Karel Kachyna.
SHANACHIE, color, 106 min., 1991. First and Grand Prize, Vienna Film Festival.
A mime artist in Nazi-occupied Paris is forced to put on a show using children for Red Cross observers in the Nazis' model "city of the Jews," Terezin, Czechoslovakia. A MUST SEE!

Aug 8
The Incredible Mr. Limpet
Don Knotts, Carol Cook. Director Arthur Lubin.
Warner Bros., color, 102 min., 1964.
A fantasy combining live-action and animated effects, bookkeeper Henry Limpet, wants to help in World War II. Turned down by the Navy he takes a walk on the Coney Island pier with his wife, falls into the water and is transformed into a fish, complete with his reading spectacles. Henry finally gets to help the war effort by helping to track down Nazi U boats for the Navy.

Sept 12
Pat and Mike
Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Director George Cukor.
MGM, b/w, 96 min., 1952.
Athletic Pat plays a skillful amateur female sports nut trapped in a rich socialite engaged to be married life. Mike a sports promoter spots Pat in a Pro-Amatuer Golf match. Hustling her to turn pro and be his client Pat decides this is a way to escape her dominating fiances. Who knew Katherine Hepburn golfed.

Oct 10
Spectre of the Rose
Michael Chekhov, Judith Anderson. Director Ben Hecht,
Paramount Pics., b/w, 90 min., 1946.
A young ballerina marries the ballet company's leading man, ignoring her colleagues' warnings. She soon discovers his darker side and is forced to fight for her life.

Nov 14
Change of Habit
Mary Tyler Moore, Elvis Presley. Director William A. Graham,
Universal Pics., 93 min., 1969.
Dr. John Carpenter helps the poor at an inner-city medical clinic. Three nuns are assigned to help at the facility, wearing regular clothes instead of traditional habits. Addresses issues of the time.

Dec 12
The Thin Man
William Powell, Myra Loy and Asta the dog. Director W.S. Van Dyke.
MGM, b/w, 93 min., 1934.
Having just married the lovely and wealthy Nora, Nick has no desire to return to sleuthing. The thrill-seeking wife eagerly talks him into taking Dorothy's case. Of course Asta the dog steals the show.